KINEPOLIS SCHAFFHAUSEN  ZWITSERLAND                               i.o. ES°TE 1999

Working for architect-office ES°TE, I was the project-architect for the design and execution of a KINEPOLIS theatre complex of 8 theatres, in Schaffhausen, together with interior architect Gert Peeters.

The site is located on a slow slope, on the road from the centre towards the industrial area. Coming from the centre, one would first see the “backside” of the complex, due to building regulations.
The design-concept with the curved backside continuing into the roof guarantees a dynamic building from all sides.
The 4 small theatres are “elevated” at the entrance –side to provide for an optimal front-façade position for the concession-areas, while the division of placing 2 theatres left and right from the entrance, emphasizes its location.
The natural slope of the site is preserved in the building: the entrance is one big slope, overcoming a height difference of 1.2m, giving the concession-areas underneath the theatre extra height.
Multi-colored lights, focused on the 4 small theatres, give the building extra attraction.
The foyer is bordered by a minimalist white “slanted wall”, with niches for access to the theatres itself and popcorn vending points. Using the projection of identical multi-colored lights on this wall reconnects the outside with the inside.