Client: Hoebrechts-Pieters
Year: 2002-2004
Project: The building-site is situated opposite a nature reserve, having a rather small front, but being double as wide for the back-yard, and quite deep.
The client wanted a simple lay-out, and a maximal use of “natural”, ecological and sustainable building- materials and methods.
The building regulations demanded a 3m free space at the sites and a front façade in line with the neighbors (at approx 10m from the street), leaving us with a small front façade and not being able to position the house far away from the street.
The concept is to create a walled-in front yard, to be in order with building-line regulation, and at the same time being able to position the house at a better distance from the street, and blocking the street view at ground-floor.
The house consists of a closed volume (wooden shingles) containing bed-, bathrooms and storage, contrasting with a transparent volume containing living quarters. The transparent volume is “fenced-off” from the street and side by a large wall made of quarry-stone. All this giving a good contrast of solidness and transparency, as well as granting the clients’ wish for “natural” materials. An over-all roof accentuates the simple rectangle footprint and provides for a covered terrace.
The kitchen and dining are located in the transparent volume on ground floor, living area on first floor, as to be able to maximize the views into the nature reserve opposite the site.
The house has a very clear and simple lay-out, and is quite compact.
Sustainable building-materials and installation techniques are used to a maximum extent (wooden singles, bearing walls of lime-sand stone, isofloc isolation, floor heating, ventilation-system with heat recuperation, etc) resulting in a low-energy and ecological house.
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